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Hello!  We are Katie + Ginny!  We're sisters, best friends, wives, mothers and business owners. We have 5 kids each ranging from 9-19. If anyone were to ask--we'd definitely tell you we're in the middle of it all.

Every story has a beginning, and perhaps this is the best story of all time. It is simple and beautiful. It is that HOME = LOVE. Within our walls--single, married, mother or not--home is where we love ourselves and others best.

It has been said that you're only as lucky as you think you are. Maybe luck has more to do with your attitude--and how well you live and love--more than anything else. Our no.1 goal here at LUCKY LOVE is to help you find beauty in the ordinary moments of life. To help you feel empowered and beautiful as you wipe those noses, run that carpool, stay up for your teenager, answer the door, study for a test, get up with the baby, or spend that quality time with your special someone. Whatever it is, we want our dress to be your go-to for home comfort. We want you to reclaim your home, your family, your life--and feel like the luckiest woman every time you put one on.

So each day as you head out into the world, go do your thing. Be brave. Say hello. Shine bright. Then turn right back around. And love your home. Create comfort. And nurture those you love well. After all, you're only as lucky as you think you are. So love your life. And lounge a little. Or a lot.